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It is a Delight and Special Honor to be part of the creation of memories. All wedding creations are custom made to fit the couple's special day and budget. Beyond the traditional Wedding cake, we offer many other options You are limited only by your imagination all of our creations are made with the finest ingredients to ensure not only the freshest cake finished the day of the event, but also a delicious work of art. The memory of the taste will outlast the memory of its beauty.



Custom created to fit your group needs. From private parties, corporate events, and small hands-on classes. Teaching you my techniques in creating the most delicious and beautiful pastries and sweets. We provide you the recipe demonstrating how to make it and a taste of the final product, you will learn along the way useful tricks and different uses for the end product. Never say never you will learn how to create amazing desserts and pastries. I look forward to working with you, Lovingly Duni


nitrogen ice cream

Have a Big Event Coming up? Corporate Party? Wedding? Birthday? Any Special Celebration? Make the Coolest Event Ever! Homemade ice-cream made to order Choose your Ice-cream Flavor, Toppings, Sauces, and Mix-ins. Creating a Dream Ice-cream bar, full with making your ice-cream table side custom churned in 60 seconds at -300 degrees. Ice cream in cones, cookie sandwiches, and sundaes. All made fresh with the finest ingredients to make sure everyone is Happy from the youngest to the oldest heart at your party.


MICREMA (ice cream)

Have a Big Event Coming up?

Corporate Party? Wedding? Birthday? Any Special Celebration? Let us make it the Sweetest most memorable event ever. From Breakfast pastries to desserts Homemade Ice-cream, pies, cookies, Cakes, cupcakes, petite fours, cotton candy, confections, and pastries. We can customize any item to match your corporate logo invitations, taste buds, and budget.

You are only limited by your imagination. 



Cupcakes, Cookies, pastries, and confections all in one spot your dream mobile cart. To satisfy the child within. All made fresh with the finest ingredients. you will find us set up throughout the city in pop-up stores, or book us for any event creating the most delicious dessert experience you can dream of. 


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